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*~*~* iN ThE TrACks Of A yElLow HaIReD WArRiOr*~*~*

like a bullet through a flock of doves

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Lucky Coyote
27 May 1987
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acting, akitas, animals, anime, art, balto, blood, books, bright colors, candy, cartoons, cats, cereal, cheerleading, cheese, cheesecake, chicken, chinese food, clovers, clubs, coffee, collies, coloring, comedy, comics, commissions, cookie dough ice cream, cowboys, coyotes, cup cakes, dancing, dandelions, death, deep ellum, dingoes, dinosaurs, disney, dj's, dobermans, dogs, donnie darko, dont hug cacti, dragonflies, drawing, dreamworks, drumming, edward, finch, food, foxes, furries, furry conventions, fursuits, fusuiting, german shepherds, giga pets, girls, glow sticks, guys with sunglasses, halloween, herms, hoodies, huskies, jackals, jacob, japan, jewelery, kandi, kill bill, king shepherds, kryptonite, lisa frank, literature, littlest pet shop, lola bunny, lollipops, loud music, lucky charms, macaroni and cheese, macro, malamutes, markers, mascots, milky ways, mini skirts, monsters, moths, movies, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, night, nintento, parties, pastel colors, pee-wee herman, pepe le pu, pikachu, pink, play station, plushies, pokemon, pomeranians, pop tarts, raichu, rainbows, rare steak, raving, robot dogs, robots, romance, salmon, samoyeds, shamrocks, shiny things, shopping, skuff coyote, sleeping, smart people, starbucks, stars, stickers, stuff, stuffed animals, summer, sunglasses, superman, swimming, tank girl, tards, team switzerland, texas, the lion king, the lizard lounge, the moon, traveling, twilight, video games, vore, werewolves, western history, wile e. coyote, wolfdogs, wolves, yellow, zombies

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