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Guest of honor.


Mackinac Swedish Elkhound

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Cute doggy breed I've never made before :P
Its like a wolf and a husky put together!

Here is another cute picture to : http://tinypic.com/r/261jb47/4

For more info on getting your own : http://www.donthugcacti.com


I'm on a roll ;)

Heres a Young Dragon head I made for Midori for a trade ;)

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Yey for trying out something new ;P

For more information on getting your own DHC suit:


Now progress info for other suits : http://twitter.com/DontHugCacti

Krave Wolf
Makinac ElkHound
LavaDog Wolf

Getting back on Track ;)

This cutey is for my fuuuuriend Tally the arctic fox ;P

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For more information on getting your own DHC suit : http://www.donthugcacti.com

here is the submission on FA as well ;P http://www.furaffinity.net/full/2890611/


Now working on :

Midori - Dragon
Krave - Wolf
Mackinac - Swedish Elkhound lol XD
LavaDog - Wolf


made another cute ;)

This is Machozi the bunny-lope

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Help Pepsi wiiin a contest :P

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hehe we can do it! post this link everywhere:


Really easy, click the link, click vote, wait till tommorrow and then do it again!



Just too much fun ;)

Video from last weekend :) freakin' awesome :)


Hey all you out thar!

So there are about 90 people who have me added and I have noooo clue who you are...
Please just like introduce yourselves so I know who you are and what you all about :P
Just like let me know why your watchin' me and stuff huh?


Fursuit sized bandanna sale :)

Hay gaiz :)

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We just did a really un-expected move so I have some
fursuit-sized bandannas that I never quite sold that I
would like to get out of the house and onto some fursuits!
There are also some cute fursuit sized sunglasses there :P

I am asking only $10.00 for each item!!!
All I ask is you add the 5% extra for the paypal fee~!
And the $10.00 includes shipping in the U.S~!

Let me know~!

Heres what I have, let me know which number you are interested
in getting and I'll give you the go to pay and gimme your
address in the note on paypal :)