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Fur scrapes and remnants for sale

Did some inventory here in our studio and I have a few pieces
and scraps of fabric I will not be needing. Please let me know if you are
interested by contacting me either here or on FurAffinity : Blondefoxy.

I am asking very reasonable at cost prices and shipping according to
how much it will cost to ship, distance and weight wise.

Please let me know if you are interested, it will all be here behind the cut!

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Let me know!

~Lucky Coyote
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Lucky I has draw

Local art jam?

So Rarkie just made a post about her and her friends doing an art jam.
Its a really good idea! SO I think we should do something like that here in
the phoenix area too! Who all would be interested? We'd have to think about where
we have it as well. I'm think Wednesday night should be good :)

Let me know what you local phoenix fur artist think :)

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Dont Hug Cacti

Working hard?

Dude. I love making fursuits. Seriously. I can't see myself doing anything else.
I wouldn't say my job is easy, but gawd its too much fun and such an awesome challenge.
I have never worked on so many costumes before, and it seems the more that are on my plate, the faster and better I get on working on them. At this point we have been double blocking in fursuits because we are so productive. I have yet to get a project done late. I have never been behind on work and we have still bust out 4-5 a month with just 2 people. Also, we never close down commissions. EVER. We are always open and accepting new commissions! Right now we are accepting for December 2010-January 2011 completions!

For the future, I want all the most complicated, awesomely colored people to come to us so we
can make those kind of suits that people can't help but stare at!

At Cons, I get to see all of the 100+ fursuits I have brought to life running around
bouncing, tails wagging, and hugging guest. I get to meet all of these awesome people
that have put so much trust in me to make their costume unique and special. Not to mention
I get to party and have a great time with tons of like-minded people who love animals just as
much or-if-not-more than me. I also get to regress to about 6 years old when one of my costumes
comes up to hug me lol.

Seriously. I love my career. Just talk to any of my customers ;)

Work Load until April 1st :

Katalina -Full-%45
Phenique -Full-%45
White Cat-Full-%30
Troy Wolf-Full-10%
Lucky music head bang

DontHugCacti FC 2010 Photoshoot!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We will be hosting a DonthugCacti photo shoot this year at FC 2010!
This is our first one on the west coast, we are very excited to see how much we've
grown on this half of the States!

WHEN : Friday, January 22 , @ 6:00 PM

WHERE: Meet in the main entrance lobby and we will gather together.

So be there right at 6 o'clock and we will head to our photo shoot area we
pick out when we get there :)

If you could forward this along to all the other attending DHC suits you see,
be sure to let them know!

Also if anyone has any questions, feel free to note me or skuffcoyote on FA :)

Thanks guys have a great FC!
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